What factors need to be considered in the production of plastic packaging bottles


In the production of plastic packaging bottles, many pe […]

In the production of plastic packaging bottles, many people keep the price low. This is the practice of small factories and small suppliers. What everyone requires is user experience and branding, safety, and convenience. If your product does not want to be well-known in the market If you don’t want to be a good brand, you can reduce the cost of the product. The result is to keep reducing the weight of the bottle until it can’t be reduced. Now the market will continue to eliminate small brands. Only when brands become bigger can they attract everyone’s attention. At the same time, anti-counterfeiting products will also begin to be eliminated in the near future, because this seriously affects the use of consumers. In this regard,  I hope everyone will be taken seriously.

What we do is credibility, what we do is brand, and the price is moderate, neither high nor low, serving the mid-to-high-end market, providing the best quality service, one-stop service.

Do not accept low-quality plastic packaging bottle production orders, because this will affect production and efficiency, and the continuous debugging and plastic raw materials will cause fully automated mechanical failures. This will bring us immeasurable losses; and the cost An empty box will cause the quality to fail, and 80% will have the risk of return.

The lightening of cosmetic packaging bottles does not mean that the cost is reduced blindly, but there are methods. At the same time, the reduction of the transportation volume does not mean the blind reduction; neither the manufacturer nor the brand name can be the only production in terms of price. standard.

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