What are the types of dog food storage containers


Maybe you want something sealed so that you can take ad […]

Maybe you want something sealed so that you can take advantage plastic foldable washbasins of the long shelf life of dry dog.Or, you may have a smart pet who can always find the bag of dog food with a rolled-up top and turn it into an easy-to-use unlimited buffet. Even if you are just looking for a good snack can, or something small and portable to carry on the road, every pet owner needs a food storage system that suits them. This large-capacity dog ??food container is a perfect combination of style and function. The BPA-free plastic bucket can contain up to 35 liters of dog food, and the lid is sealed with a gasket to maintain freshness. The stylish chrome design looks great in any kitchen.


Even better features include a magnetically mounted shovel, easy-to-maneuver wheels and a locking handle clip to prevent curious puppies from entering. If you want a bigger choice, be sure to take an extra food spoon, because when the dry food becomes less, there is still a long way to go until dinner time. If you need something to store a small amount of dog food, are looking for something for the countertop, or just want a beautiful farmhouse style can for pet snacks, this is the container for you. This storage jar is not only a beautiful snack jar, but also provides a rubber-sealed lid to keep things fresh and safe, a convenient handle, and a matching serving spoon that can be neatly stored on the handle.


This sturdy dog food storage tower has everything: two containers each can hold eight pounds of coarse ground food. Or you can mix it with the food on the bottom and pet snacks, food, bowls and accessories on the top. This simple and high-quality storage container is made of BPA-free plastic, so harmful chemicals will not seep into your dog’s kibble food. This classic sealed pet food container has built-in wheels for easy portability. Just pour a 20-pound bag of dog food into this 33-quart bin and you are ready to use it.


This dynamic two-person dog food container on wheels has casters, a snap-lock latch and two compartments to meet all your storage needs. You can use the larger 33-quart bin for coarse ground food (holds about 25 pounds of food), and the smaller 12-quart container for canned food, cat food, snacks, medications, or supplements. This food storage tank is the real deal. Although it cannot fully provide the airtight seal of other brands, this galvanized steel dog food container is still very strong. For those who need rodent-proof and weatherproof boxes to hold an entire 40-pound food bag, this is a large and beautiful classic storage solution. Put it on the garage or back porch and rest assured that the pet's coarse food is safe.

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