What are the types of disposable cups


Plastics Plastic disposable cups are the most customize […]


Plastic disposable cups are the most customized Plastic Cup accessible kind of disposable cups since they are the most affordable and heavily researched. Plastics are known to be a heavy contributor to pollution, that is why there is ongoing research on how to make plastics less problematic and more helpful to people and the environment. It’s also important to mention that these studies and research have been very fruitful since there are plastics that are eco-friendly, safe to use and available.


Versalite Cups

Versalite Cups are newly researched and developed cups that are fully recyclable and is consumer friendly. It uses polypropylene however it’s designed to be ecofriendly. They are also puncture and crack resistant, this is very important since plastics can seep into food or drinks when torn. This also makes this cup kid-friendly since this won’t pose any health issues when kids use these for drink and play.



These plastic cups are known as eco-friendly plastic. It uses polylactic acid (PLA) which is a form of sugar that comes from certain plants like corn, potato, and soy. This pseudoplastic material is food-safe, freezer-safe, and affordable. However, since this material is fairly new, recycling still requires a specialized system that some recycling companies offer.


Hard Layer

Hard Layer cups are plastic cups that use layers to create a heavy and shock-absorbing kind of material. This kind of plastic cup is great for people on the go, catering, and children. The shock-absorbing nature of this plastic plays a very good mix of reusability and sustainability for its owners while also not contributing as much to pollution.

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