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Keeping things organized can be a problem for anyone, e […]

Keeping things organized can be a problem for anyone, especially if you have a family. Every household has a lot of toys and cosmetics, and people like to buy a lot. No wonder, children's or playrooms and bathroom counters are always cluttered. On the other hand, the kitchen needs to be hygienic at all times. It's not always easy to maintain these areas of the house, but good storage ideas can often come to the rescue. Staying organized will not only declutter your space, but it will also impress visiting friends and relatives. The great thing about great ideas is that many of them are very doable and DIY. Organizing toys can be a time for family fun and bonding.


Toys can get out of hand, and of course it's always a good idea to trim a little with your child's permission. After sorting toys to keep and discard, put your favorite toys in special bins, boxes, or crates. Another great idea for a playroom is to make big shelves. One specific shelf can hold plush toys, another can hold game boards, one corner can hold books, and another can hold electronics. It's a great way to separate toys, and it's easy for kids to maintain and keep up with. There are plenty of toy storage ideas. You just need a little imagination to make your child's toy collection look cool. If you have DIY skills, make them a small hammock and use it to store their plush toys. Another cool DIY toy storage idea is to make a toy box.


For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That's probably why it's messed up. The children do their homework here under the supervision of their mother who is busy making dinner. The best kitchen storage box ideas are the easiest to follow. Start with your spices. It's easy to keep them organized, right? You can line them up in your existing cabinets or buy spice racks to organize. You can also buy those cheap lidded containers for flour, pasta, grains, and other foods and organize them in drawers. Another great idea for storing spices is to use a cake pan and put the spices in it. A lot of accidents can happen in the kitchen, so make sure you have a place where all family members have easy access to a first aid kit. It's normal to get cuts while preparing dinner, and it's good to not have to run to the bathroom to buy Band-Aids and preservatives. Makeup storage ideas can help speed up your morning grooming routine.


The best way to start organizing and storing makeup is to group everything together. Lipstick, brush, foundation bottle, nail polish, and the same make-up paired together. The great thing about organizing your makeup is that many of the things you need can be found in your kitchen. Use the spice rack to organize your perfume bottles. It would make it even cooler if you could find a spinning one. Your spice rack can also be used to store small bottles of moisturizer or face cream. An old wine rack can be used to hold hair care products such as styling mousse, hairspray or gel tubes. You can also use the cutlery rack to organize your drawers and use it to store hairbrushes, combs, makeup brushes or curling irons. A great way to take advantage of cabinet doors is to hang a shoe cabinet behind the door and use it to store bulky items like paddle brushes, hair dryers, extra lotion, round brushes, and hairspray.

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