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You only have so much footprint in your kitchen, so be […]

You only have so much footprint in your kitchen, so be sure to utilize rattan storage box your space to your best advantage. Need storage in your kitchen nook? Add a small sideboard or decorative barn door-style cabinet one of its best qualities is its ability hang on the wall or sit on the floor depending on your space.Today’s farmhouse chic trend provides a multitude of choices in kitchen storage. From a cubby wall shelf, to rustic shelving, to kitchen storage cabinets, they offer a great way to turn empty wall space into cool storage space. Fill cubbies with mugs, canisters, folded linens or bowls with fresh fruit. They provide a unique place to stay organized and showcase your favorite kitchen items. 


A handy storage basket or two looks perfect inside shelves and can be filled with all sorts of items that would otherwise make your space look cluttered.Free up cabinet space with the addition of a pot rack where you can hang pots and pans so that they are close at hand. Wall space is a key ingredient for maximizing storage space. A pot rack expertly wrangles pots and pans right where you need them, while freeing up much-needed cabinet space down below. Add a wall organizer or cubbies to hold decorative pieces.When space is at a premium, a rolling cart can be the way to move your necessities from one room to another. A portable kitchen island that rolls wherever you need it can serve double duty, storing items in its shelves and drawers and becoming a makeshift serving cart at a moment’s notice.


Or, roll them into the dining area to have serveware quick at hand.Extend your bathroom storage capabilities with ingenious storage that is specifically designed just for the small, tight-knit spaces found in bathrooms. Instantly add shelves over the toilet bowl, or tucked inside the corner of your shower. Even better, add an over-the-toilet cabinet. Utilize wall space with open shelving that looks decorative while keeping things tidy. Wrangle all those bathroom essentials with an ingenious organizing unit near the mirror.Utilize every inch of bathroom storage space in the cabinet below a sink by adding stacking bins or sliding drawers to the space.The small space of a bathroom often proves the most challenging when it comes to finding storage space.


Strategically place a bathroom space saver on the wall behind your toilet to utilize this often under-utilized area with shelves and cabinets. Show off your pretty bathroom accessories in a rustic bathroom cabinet. This will move items off your countertop, which has a habit of being a cluttered zone while adding a decorative element to the space.Keep items used every day in a convenient basket you can pull out from a drawer or cupboard. Put away to keep counters clean and clutter-free. Toiletries like make-up, lotion or moisturizers all make sense to place together. Pay attention to these items as age and time can compromise them and may need to be replaced before they are used up. Create a toiletries “pantry” for extras and duplicates a garage shelf, closet or laundry room cupboard can work). Keep travel-size toiletries together in a tote. 

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