What are the four ways to reuse plastic box resources after recycling


Plastic food container  and plastic bags that can be to […]

Plastic food container  and plastic bags that can be touched in life are all made through processing, which not only helps people’s lives, but also seriously affects the environment. However, if plastic boxes are recycled and reused, they can reduce For resource waste and environmental pollution, you can understand the following four ways:

Four ways to reuse plastic box resources after recycling
1. Melting regeneration: Melting regeneration is a method of reheating and plasticizing waste plastic boxes for use. From the source, it can be divided into two categories: one is the recycling of leftovers from resin plants and processing plants; the other is the recycling and regeneration of mixed materials after use.

2. Energy recovery: Energy recovery is a method of using the heat generated during combustion.

3. Recycling of chemical raw materials: Some types of plastic boxes are added with polyurethane which can be hydrolyzed to obtain raw material monomers during synthesis. This is a method that uses chemical decomposition to turn into chemical raw materials for recycling.

4. Thermal cracking: The thermal cracking method is a method of preparing burning oil and fuel gas by thermally cracking selected waste products.

The four mentioned in this article are all methods that can help the recycling of plastic box resources. I believe everyone already understands it? It also improves the recycling rate of plastic boxes and promotes the classification of waste, which saves economic expenses to a certain extent. A healthy and orderly development has been achieved.

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