What are the creative ways to recycle and reuse plastic bottles


1. Making supply cups for recycled plastic bottles Offi […]

1. Making supply cups for recycled plastic bottles
Office construction reusable plastic cup waste is one of the main reasons for the rise of landfills. Therefore, after drinking cold soda to ease the downturn at 2 pm, don't throw away the bottle after drinking it. Re-use plastic bottles to make cups for placing pens and supplies in the office or making supplies at home. Use your sustainable efforts to impress your colleagues and children.


2. Reuse the coffee cream container for snack storage
Looking for a sustainable way to organize your kitchen counter? Reuse old plastic containers to save storage space for snacks. The bottle makes it very easy to pour, allowing you to carry all types of food on the road. Recycled coffee creamer can also be used to store sugar, salt and similar products.


3. Make a DIY plastic bottle flower pot
Like cats, plants and sustainable living? Creating a cat flower pot is actually a way of reusing plastic. Inspire your DIY spirit with a simple project to turn 2 liters of water into a useful and attractive indoor flower pot.


4. Upgrade the washing powder bottle to watering can
Don't pay for plastic watering cans. Another creative way to recycle plastic at home is to reuse your washing powder container. Clean up your empty container, drill or make holes in the lid, and you will get a new watering can. Feel free to remove the label so that your neighbors don’t think it’s weird that you pour washing powder on the plants.


5. Turn the milk carton into a garden shovel
This is the plastic bottle recycling concept that skimmed milk fanatics and 2% of enthusiasts agree: save your milk carton after use. One of the simplest and most useful projects is to create a spoon from an empty cardboard box. Whenever you need to plant something in the garden or even clean up after your dog, just scoop it up and throw it.

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