Taizhou is the origin and distribution center of China's plastic products


If Taizhou is a magical place, do you believe it? Maybe […]

If Taizhou is a magical place, do you believe it? Maybe many people have never heard of this city, let alone its exact location. For most Chinese people, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province is far less well-known than Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo and other cities. But in most Chinese families, plastic products from Taizhou may account for half. Those who are familiar with Taizhou know that it is called "the kingdom of plastic products and the hometown of molds". Today, it has moved from China to the world, becoming one of the world's important processing bases for plastic products and one of the world's important mold manufacturing bases. In the 11th Five-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province, Taizhou is listed as a key area for fostering development and guiding layout. It is a national manufacturing center for plastic products and molds, household appliances, automobile and motorcycle parts, and chemical raw materials. The rise of the plastics industry in Taizhou is definitely a surprising case in the history of the development of China's plastics industry. An area far away from the base of plastic raw materials, after more than 30 years of development, has gathered a huge group of plastic companies, from plastic molds, plastic machinery manufacturing, From the production of plastic products, to the trading of raw materials and product sales, in every link, a considerable number of companies are cooperating in the division of labor, forming a complete plastic industry chain. The production and manufacture are complex and simple, with different precisions, and applications. Various finished products ranging from civil and industrial use to aerospace and aviation.
Plastic Kingdom 

60% of the country’s plastic daily necessities are produced. The plastics industry is one of the nine pillar industries in Taizhou. In Taizhou, there is such a saying: an injection molding machine is a factory. According to Chen Jiazeng, director of the Office of the Plastics Industry Association of Taizhou City, Taizhou is the source and distribution center of China's plastic products. There are more than 10,000 plastic production enterprises in the city with more than 200,000 employees. Plastic daily-use products account for approximately 60% of the Chinese market. The annual output of plastic products and accessories in Taizhou is more than 5 million tons. The total output accounts for nearly 1/10 of China's total output of plastic products. Plastic products include daily plastic products, engineering plastic products, industrial plastic products, agricultural plastic products, and medical plastic products. 6 categories such as packaging and packaging. ※(In 2015, the national plastic product parameter was more than 61.8 million tons)    Taizhou plastic products are not only sold throughout the country, but also attracted a large number of foreign businessmen to purchase, including foreign businessmen in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Korea, Japan and other places. In the past, many of these foreign businessmen purchased in Yiwu, but later learned that Taizhou was the place of origin, so they moved to Taizhou.   (The earliest) Foreign purchasers used to be mainly in Guangzhou, but now more and more are coming to Taizhou. Since the opening of the China Plastics Fair, nearly a thousand overseas buyers have been attracted to participate in the fair every year. At last year's Plastic Fair, Korean companies came to purchase baby seats, and Spanish companies came to purchase. "

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