Plastic water cups should be replaced frequently


Plastic cups are very common in life, and they are like […]

Plastic cups are very common in life, and they are liked by many friends for their lightness and resistance to falling.
Plastic cups should not be filled with boiling water. Because most of the plastic cups have unstable chemical composition molecules under high temperature conditions, they will release harmful substances to the human body. The common ones are bisphenol A and phthalic acid. These two substances have potential risk of disease to the human body. A can cause cancer, disrupt the endocrine system, and may also lead to a decline in reproductive function, while phthalic acid can cause endocrine disorders in men.

However, not all plastic cups are unstable and harmful, and there are also heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant plastic materials. They are cups made of polypropylene material. This material is currently known as a relatively stable food-grade plastic material. Common plastic tableware for microwave ovens and baby bottles are made of this material.

Plastic water cups should be replaced frequently. If you are careful, you will find that plastic water cups are particularly prone to scale and need to be cleaned frequently. Since most plastic water cups cannot be washed with boiling water, most people will not disinfect them frequently, which tends to breed various bacteria. Therefore, they need to be replaced frequently.
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Do not expose plastic cups to the sun, especially in the car, it is likely to decompose and produce toxic and harmful substances, and it may explode when placed in a closed space such as a car. These are special attention in daily life. .

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