Plastic processing craft flow


Plastic processing, screaming plastic molding processin […]

Plastic processing, screaming plastic molding processing, other plastics, synthetic plastics, etc. Processing, plastics, plastics, etc., immediate explanation, main delivery charges, molding, machining, joining, repairing, arranging, etc.

1. Distribution

This is the first step in the processing of plasticizers, other than the demanding raw material exemption products, the addition of reduced amounts of plasticizers, increasing plasticizers, colored plasticizers, etc. plasticizer aids, this sample processing molding plasticizers usage performance meeting Improvement, low production production book after the plasticizer. Shoju combination polymer Yosuke polymer mixed with one-off, dispersed polymerized mixture. Yacan processed granules.

Two, molding

This is the most relevant step in the plastic processing work, and each type of plastic plastic control facility demand shape embryo matter. This individual molding method has a lot of choices, a choice of time, a major reduction, a plastic type, a starting shape, and a typological sum. Thermosetting plastics, 则 general thermoforming, injection molding, compression, blow plastic thermoforming, etc .; Transitive thermosetting plastics, Nasui cans, injection moldings, and Yasou. In addition to this, a polymer that is a useful liquid for reduction or a polymer that is a raw material for a compound, etc.

Third, machining

This one step can be done by one way. Other can borrowed metal or person wood processing method, manufacturing one-size-fits-all, or person infinite quantity of plastic products. Non-existence, plastic performance Completely different from Japanese metal, wood, etc., advancing machine processing, time tools, cutting speed, etc.

Four, joining

This is the first step in the process of joining plastics, and the main methods are the two types of welding. Welding method Main methods Hot welding, hot welding, high welding, friction welding, super-voice welding, etc. Adhesive method is used. Completed, hot-melt adhesive, hot-melt adhesive.

Five, qualifier

This step-by-step purpose is to beautify the surface of the plastic product, general process machine repair, polishing of the surface, vacuum, etc .; ; Reduction, painting, painting, printing, etc .; Total external reduction, metal, comprehensive vacuum film, electroplating, chemical method, etc.

Six, dressing

This is the last step in the processing of plastics, and it is a complete plastic product that is a combination of plastics and plastics.

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