Human life changes due to nanoplastics


In the 21st century, nanoscience has developed rapidly, […]

In the 21st century, nanoscience has developed rapidly, and nano-new technology products have emerged one after another. Nano is a unit of measurement, one nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter, which is equivalent to the diameter of 3 to 5 atoms, or 50,000 parts of the diameter of human hair. The substance is studied in a tiny structure below 100 nanometers. The technology of processing is called nanotechnology.

Scientist Nanotechnology has developed a plastic that changes color with energy to synthesize a computational display PLED that is brighter than a liquid crystal display. The screen is very flexible, foldable, and has higher brightness and better picture quality. Scientists expect that related mobile phones and laptop products will be available in a year.

Many automakers have also shown great interest in PLEDs, and they hope to replace traditional dashboards with such screens. Because of its very high brightness, performance is unaffected even when displayed to the light; and because of its high flexibility, it can be used with all the latest models.

In addition to the PLED screen, plastics that can change color with energy will also be applied to plastic steel bumpers for vehicles, and even plastic computer chips can be made. Because of the non-conducting properties of plastics, more crystals can be implanted on computer chips. And make the microcircuit undisturbed.

Nanoplastics can change the properties of traditional plastics and exhibit excellent physical properties: high strength, high heat resistance and smaller specific gravity. Since nano-sized particles are smaller than the wavelength of visible light, nano-plastics can exhibit good transparency and high gloss. Such nano-plastics will have a wide range of uses in automobiles.

Scientists have also developed a salad bag plastic using nanotechnology, which prevents lettuce from turning yellow in the refrigerator; invented a linen that feels silky soft; developed a blood delivery system that can Drugs that treat cancer are delivered directly to cancer cells through blood vessels.

All of these inventions are due to the fact that nanotechnology allows scientists to directly control and manipulate atoms and neutrons, so scientists can accurately control and predict R&D results, making the previous “never possible” a reality, with the in-depth study of nanotechnology and Gradually applied, it will definitely make a revolutionary change in our lives.

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