How to organize your spice rack


As a cookbook author, my job is to find uses for many d […]

As a cookbook author, my job is to find uses for many different flavors, so I have always liked hoarding spices. But the impulse of my collector destroyed my desire for unity. Just when I thought I had come up with a container to hold all my powder and seeds, I went to get something that didn't meet the plan. The saffron is too small and the Guajillo pepper is too big. The big bag of oregano I picked up in Greece this summer was too much. After some internal arguments, I decided that unification might not need to be the ultimate goal: after all, I now have enough space and cabinet doors to hide any irregularities.



This is also true in real life. I have always mixed silver jewelry and gold jewelry, so I don't worry about the brass lid of my standard spice pot and the steel of the chili pot not perfectly harmonizing. This works for me. I have a system consisting of several containers, but it is flexible and can handle many different sizes of my spices. I accepted my role as a less perfect spice discipliner. But things in the new kitchen are better than ever. I learned some rules in the process. I believe these rules can help you organize your spice better, whether you are a minimalist like me, It is still a more streamlined operation.


When mentioning fresh spices, I strongly believe that bulk spices are the best choice, both in terms of freshness and avoiding packaging waste. There is nothing more annoying than buying a whole jar of expensive cardamom pods for Swedish cinnamon buns that are made once a year. On the other hand, in the grocery bulk department, you can find almost all the spices you need, and you can buy the right amount of spices according to your needs: just a little bit of dried ginger for baking, and a lot of fennel seeds, if, You go through it like me.


Many people tend to use the same Seasoning Rack Spice Pots  container, but for this uniformity, understanding the content and the time of purchase is crucial. My spices may not be completely uniform, but it is helpful to repeat some forms here. In my case, I choose a 1/2 cup square jar to contain the spices I have always used, and they are in considerable quantities, such as fennel and cumin seeds. Less used spices get a smaller jar with a similar ratio to grocery store spices. And I do keep a large storage box for all my spices, sample bags and other items that cannot be sorted.

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