How to Choose the Best Camping Storage Box


Some camping storage boxes offer a latch mechanism to e […]

Some camping storage boxes offer a latch mechanism to ensure the lid is secured, while others also offer a loop system to allow you to attach a standard padlock to secure their contents. These lockable camping storage boxes can be used for storing valuables or any gear that you don’t want easily accessible to children, pets, or other critters while you’re camping.A waterproof camping storage box is excellent for storing a variety of gear and equipment that may be directly or repeatedly exposed to the elements.


These are especially good to use if you intend to do any rafting, canoeing, or kayaking with them.On the other hand, weather resistant camping storage boxes will hold up to being left out in the elements, but will not prevent water intrusion if they’re fully submerged. But if you only intend to leave your camping storage boxes out and exposed to a little rain or snow, a weather resistant box will typically prove a more affordable solution over the fully waterproof varieties.


While collapsible camping storage boxes often sacrifice some durability, they do offer a more compact storage solution for your camping gear. They’re especially nice for transporting gear that will remain out or in use most of the time you’re at camp, such as hammocks, sleeping bags, stoves, lanterns, camp chairs, etc. because you can collapse them and tuck them out of the way when they're empty and not needed.The ability to securely stack your camping storage containers is a HUGE value when car camping, truck camping, or overlanding because it allows you to fully utilize the vertical space in your camping vehicle.


Transparent storage boxes & bins camping storage boxes allow you to easily see what gear you’ve packed inside without having to label or open the box. This is excellent for frequently accessed things like dry foods or clothing. The disadvantage is that the translucent polypropylene based plastics used in these types of camping storage boxes are prone to cracking in freezing temperatures and they’re generally less durable than more heavy duty non-transparent camping storage boxes.

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