How are plastic cups made


When it comes to plastic cups and how plastic cups are […]

When it comes to plastic cups and how plastic cups are made it actually makes a difference if it is disposable or reusable plastic cups. You might also know reusable plastic cups as hard plastic cups. The type of plastic cup does not only influences how they have Plastic Picnic Cup produced but also their environmental effects and what they are normally used for. The plastic cups are made through a process called injection molding, where the plastic materials are mixed with liquids and inserted into the template for plastic cups, that determines the size and thickness of the cups. The injection molding process starts with the raw material being put into a machine called a hopper.


The machine actually just consistently mixes the kind of plastic with other materials needed to form the end resulted. When the materials have been mixed in will be poured into the templates and when it has the right thickness and size it will stay in the template and cool of. The only ling lefts are for the plastic cups to be slowly heated to remove the cast from the surface. So what influences if the plastic cups are made as a disposable or reusable one depends on the templates the manufacturer uses. This is actually still a rather big set-up for the manufacturer, which is also the reason why manufacturers specialised in either making disposable plastic cups or reusable plastic cups. To-go drinks are becoming a more influential part of our lives, and it is also becoming a part of many more cafes, juice bars, and etc. selection.


Why it is also important for the small juice bar to differentiate from the rest of the competitors. Printing on plastic cups is a great way to do that, it might actually also be the easiest one because the juice bar already needs the plastic cups for selling them to-go. We help a lot of customers get print on their plastic cups, and we work with a couple of manufacturers who have different printing methods for the plastic cups – We will go through the different printing methods on plastic cups, they are flexo-print, offset print, tampon print, and digital print. Tampon printing is the most used printing method for plastic and especially plastic cups in smaller quantities, that is because of tampon print being really good for printing on convex surfaces.


The Tampon printing method works as a stamping effect, where the ink is taken directly from the printing plate and placed onto a flexible silicone pad and later stamped onto the plastic cups to be the print. The reason why Tampon print is not widely spread in other categories is that it’s difficult to make a print that covers the whole surface, and is best for making a print on each side of the cup. Flexographic printing is mostly used for printing on the surface of convex plastic packaging in large quantities. This is due to the high cost of the printing plate and setting up the printing plates because you need a printing plate for each colour. The flexographic printing method works with rollers that are rolled directly onto the plastic cup to put on the print, to ensure a faster and cheaper printing method. The printing plates are made of plastic, why they can be used to print many cups before needing to be changed. 

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