Does the PP+TPR folding basin contain toxic substances such as plastic foldable washbasins?


PP+TPR means that this folding basin contains two mater […]

PP+TPR means that this folding basin contains two materials: PP and TPR. It is not a polymer of polypropylene and thermoplastic polyurethane (this formulation is also incorrect, and the specifics will not be detailed).

Folding basin, the main material is PP, and the foldable part is made of soft TPR. (As shown in the figure below, the white part is made of PP, and the color foldable is made of TPR)
PP is polypropylene, an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, which meets the FDA21CFR177.1520 food contact material test standard. The main components of TPR are SEBS and white oil, which may contain a certain amount of PP. TPR does not contain toxic phthalate plasticizers and is also a relatively environmentally friendly material.

Therefore, plastic foldable washbasins produced by regular manufacturers can be used with confidence.

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