Are plastic water cups safe?


Plastic cups are cheap and not afraid of falling. They […]

Plastic cups are cheap and not afraid of falling. They are popular among office workers. However, according to the Huffington Post in the United States, it is best not to use plastic cups in the office.

In addition to the precipitation of some chemicals when heated, plastic cups are also easy to breed bacteria. Although the surface of the plastic looks smooth, it actually has many voids, which can easily contain dirt. In the office, most people only use clean water to clean the cups, and the cups cannot be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Experts suggest that the office is best to use stainless steel cups or glasses, clean every day, it is best to use detergent and rinse with hot water.

In addition, the cup is affected by static electricity such as computers and cabinets, which will attract more dust, bacteria, and germs, which will affect your health over time. It is best to equip the cup with a lid and keep it away from computers and other plastic shake water bottle electrical appliances. You should also maintain indoor air circulation and open windows for ventilation so that dust can go away with the wind.

There are many kinds of materials and types of cups. Take plastic water cups as an example. I believe most people are familiar with it. It can even be said that no one knows it. In our daily life, most of the cups we use are made of plastic. , Glass and metal materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compared with glass and metal materials, plastic cups are more suitable for use in many occasions, so in terms of safety performance, How about a plastic water cup?

I won’t say much about the plastic cups made of PC and pp. We have all known before. PC cups are not very safe and will release bisphenol A when filled with boiled water, which is harmful to human health. , So the plastic cup made of PC is not safe and is only suitable for cold water, while the plastic cup made of pp is much better than the cup made of PC, but the safety performance is also limited. Among the materials of plastic water cups, the best The plastic water cup material should be tritan plastic material, because in terms of safety, the safety of tritan material is comparable to glass material, so if you need to choose a safe plastic water cup, then tritan material Plastic water cups must be indispensable for you!

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